The 10 Best Hotels You Can Visit In The Province Of L’Aquila

Italy is undoubtedly one of the best vacation spots in the world, it is home to a number of historic cities but here we will focus more on L’Aquila. L’Aquila is a famous tourist spot and there are many reasons for that, one of them being the amazing history that surrounds the city. If you are planning to visit L’Aquila in the near future then you will certainly need a nice place to stay. Below you will find a list containing the top 10 best hotels that you can find in L’Aquila.

Locanda Corridore
1.Locanda Corridore
If you just want a cheap and comfortable place to stay, then this is the place.
Hotel La Compagnia
2.Hotel La Compagnia
The Hotel La Compagnia offers everything that you expect from a high quality hotel.
Hotel La Dimora
3.Hotel La Dimora
The rooms in Hotel La Dimora are both comfortable and affordable.
Hotel Federico II
4.Hotel Federico II
Hotel Federico II is the definition of comfort and class.
Hotel La Valle dell’Aquila
5.Hotel La Valle dell’Aquila
If you want a hotel that is near to the main city, then this is a very good option.
Magione Papale
6.Magione Papale
This hotel is a little on the expensive side, but if you just want to have a good time then the Magione Papale is a great option.
Porta Rivera Hotel
7.Porta Rivera Hotel
If you just want a hotel that is simple and provides the basic necessities, then you are in the right place.
Hotel Castello
8.Hotel Castello
The Hotel Castello is a high end hotel but it also provides some quality facilities.
Hotel San Michele
9.Hotel San Michele
If you have a bit of money to spare, then you can easily stay in the Hotel San Michele.
Hotel Residence Azzuro
10.Hotel Residence Azzuro
If you just want a comfortable place to stay, then this hotel is just for you.


It is important that you have a comfortable stay when you are in L’Aquila and this why it is important that you pick the right hotel. With this list of hotels, you can probably find a decent hotel to stay in easily.

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