Ten Reasons To Visit Abruzzo

Abruzzo is becoming a popular tourist destination quickly and attracting a rising number of visitors each year. In this article, we will briefly state the ten main reasons why you should visit Abruzzo in Italy. Following are the reasons in sequence.

1. The Amazing Food

Abruzzi cuisine is very popular and unique in all of Italy. The various mixes of flavors and unique cooking techniques make the food outstanding.

2. Home To Best Restaurants

The food is great and so are the places to eat them. The restaurants here are inviting and cozy to customers.

3. The Trabocchi Coast

The coast is seventy kilometers long and is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for its historical trabocchi nets even though those aren’t used any longer.

Trabocchi Coast
4. Cooking Courses

The people in this region take their food seriously hence it is home to some of the finest cooking courses in Italy.

5. “Confetti”

Abruzzo is famous for its sugared almonds and torrone. These are referred to as confetti in Italian.

6. Wonderful Sandy Beaches

Abruzzo has some of the nicest sandy beaches in the world. There are several such beaches on the Amalfi Coast and also to the south of Vasto.

abruzzo beaches
7. Preserved History

Abruzzo has a number of medieval towns to date. History enthusiasts should take particular interest in these as they are home to some fabulous architecture.

8. Natural Beauty

Abruzzo boasts its set of springs and shiny lakes as well.

9. Hiking And Skiing

There are various trails to hike upon and there are some really fun skiing slopes as well.

Hiking trails
10. People

The people in this area are very welcoming and would love to see more tourists come to Abruzzo!

Noi L'Aquila

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