About Us

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This website is solely made with the intention of promoting tourism to the Abruzzo and L’Aquila region in Italy. We bring forward the various attractive features of this region to the world in a bid to convince them to visit it in the near future.

The place has a lot to offer and we truly believe that people who would visit will definitely enjoy a lot and recommend it to others to travel to. It is still lesser known to plenty of individuals around the world and we feel that we can change that through this forum.

The Idea

When you glance at this magnificent region you find that it has been blessed with wonderful natural scenes, beautiful beaches, rich history, colorful culture and diversity in general. All these features make this region suitable to be a bigger and much better tourist spot then it is now. We firmly felt that if the features and hidden aspects of this L’Aquila and Abruzzo regions were highlighted and brought forward in an effective way it will easily attract larger numbers of visitors than before.

The Idea
Our Vision

Our Vision

We wish to see this region hustling and bustling with as many visitors as possible. Considering it is a very sparsely populated area, the region has the capacity to welcome many tourists at one time. A bustling tourism industry will do wonders for the region’s economy and will encourage it to further advance itself in the race among top tourist destinations. The people here are lovely and are extremely warm and welcoming in this regard. We hope to see the number of tourists rise in the coming years!

Our Mission

Our mission through this platform is to bring as much information possible to the tourists about the region in the English language as possible. This way we get to attract a large section of the global population considering that English is widely spoken globally and is definitely the universal language on Earth.

We aim to highlight all the wonderful, exciting and inspiring features of this location to the public in general so that they can consider this region among others when deciding for their next vacation outside their country. We believe that once we bring the facts out and let people know more about the people, the food and the culture etc. they will take an interest and at least think once about visiting this place.

The Future

In the light of our efforts and our trust in the beauty and majesty of L’Aquila, we firmly believe that the future will see a major increase in the number of tourists that visit this region every year and we also feel that the impact will be felt greatly by the local economy as well which is bound to benefit the local population.

We hope that this area gets the attention that it deserves and that people from around the world take a keen interest in visiting this place with their families and friends to enjoy the food, the culture and the festivities of L’Aquila.