There are few places in the world that are in themselves an embodiment of leisure, serenity, activity, and relaxation all at the same time. The province of L’Aquila in Italy is perhaps one of the most satisfying places you will ever wish to visit.

It is nestled in the mountains at a slight elevation which makes it ideally located for those who are interested in further exploring the eye-catching beauty of the entire Abruzzo region. Noi L’Aquila is your one-stop destination for getting some much-needed time off and an opportunity to truly relieve yourself of the tensions and anxieties that occur in your life.

Lodging And Hotels

One of the prime concerns of every traveler is regarding the lodging. Well, there is no need to worry on that front because we have got you covered. There are plenty of different hotels in the area which are offering some fine lodging services which everybody seems to enjoy.

There is the Hotel La Compagnia Del Viaggiatore which has received some really tremendous response from tourists who have visited the place from far and wide. However, there are other great options as well, like the Hotel Federico and the Hotel La Valle Dell’Aquila.

Must-Visit Tourist Sites And Other Landmarks

There is a lot to get excited about in this medieval-styled town. There are plenty of wonderful sights to look at and many different things to do which will keep you occupied for as long as you like. If you are the spiritual type then perhaps a visit to the Fontana Delle 99 Canelle will be appropriate. It has a wonderful feel and brings you a sense of inner peace.

Fontana Delle 99 Canelle
Fontana Delle 99 Canelle

The number of architectural masterpieces and buildings in this area is a lot. Two of the most loved places in this aspect is the Basilica di San Bernadino and the Basilica di Santa Maria Di Collemaggio e Porta Santa.

Both these places have a significance of their own and are practically considered as the emblem or symbol of the L’Aquila area. You cannot miss visiting these spots because without them your trip is bound to remain incomplete. There is also the Forte Spagnolo which attracts a lot of tourists each year.

Food, Cuisine, And Dining

If you visit L’Aquila then you cannot miss out on the amazing food that they have out here to impress and inspire travelers from around the world. There is an abundance of these restaurants and you can choose whether you want to have a taste of the local cuisine or experience some classic fine dining.

italian dish
Don't miss out the amazing food

If you are more of the fine dining type or just in the mood for some then you should head off to the Magione Papale Gourmet which is one of the most loved places in the area. It serves some amazing seafood alongside Mediterranean and Italian dishes. Similarly, you have the Casa Elodia and Casale Signorini as well which are also hallmarks of some memorable fine dining.

As for the local cuisine, you can try it out at the Fattoria Antica Forconia Agriturismo which is a popular place among locals and tourists who want to have a taste of some of the local dishes. Ristorantino and Re Gatto are also highly acclaimed eating spots which are equally loved by the locals and the visitors. You are bound to fall in love with the food here and have a great time as well.

Traveling, Eating And Relaxing In L’Aquila

In the end, it must be said that Noi L’Aquila has everything that any perfect travel destination needs. It is home to stunning food, a rich history, awesome natural scenes and a tradition that lives on till today.

Noi L’Aquila provides a lot of opportunity for relaxation to its visitors. It boasts some natural serenity and offers freshening views that are bound to uplift your inner spirituality. The place is an epitome of classic Italian architecture, natural beauty, and living heritage. These landmarks and objects of history remain till today for us to cherish and enjoy.

The experiences of tourists so far in the region has been phenomenal. There is a lot of buzz around the region’s heritage and history along with its natural beauty. People have left some amazing feedback for the place and highly recommend this region to be in your next travel itinerary.